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The Work


We are a collective of audiophiles that create original music & sound design for advertising agencies, films, TV, and video games. Based in Metro Detroit, we have worked with global brands like Ford, Nike, and the UFC, as well as ad agencies such as GTB, Blast Radius, & Factory Detroit. We have also worked with networks such as FOX, ABC, and The WB Network. 

Established in 2015 by Shane D. Grush, the company has now grown to include over a dozen composers, and sound designers located across the US & Canada. 


With every project Grush Audio is building a reputation for writing, producing, recording, and mixing quality audio for artists, agencies and brand content creators.

We’re able to do everything from creating custom music cues to film, furnishing sound design, VO records, and all things audio post. We also service major and indie label artists with album production, writing, editing, mixing and mastering services. Capable of handling any size project, you will find that your vision and your ideas will always be the priority.



  • “I’ve known Shane for many years. I trust Shane. We share something that most people I know don’t share. And that’s passion and drive for a great product that speaks to you eternally. Something that you deem timeless in your own life. Shane has a way of connecting to your inner cords and strumming your proverbial soul guitar in a way that lets your heart really sing in the studio. He is a master of effort and a gentleman of pride.”

    Chad Nicefield - Wilson
  • At our agency, we make a pretty big deal about Christmas. This year, we had a Christmas song we wanted to produce. It’s Not Christmas (Without Cookies). We had the lyrics, but needed the music . . . and a lot of production. Shane worked with us to get to a hook we really loved.  And then took the lead on turning that song into a piece of finished work we’re really proud of.  From working with our singer to thinking through the arrangement to bringing it all together, Shane was great to partner with. He’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a legitimately good guy.

    Mark Lantz - Owner / Factory Detroit
  • “Shane is more than a producer, he’s like an additional band member. He pushes you not only to be a better musician, but a better person as well.”

    Oscar Peggarao - No Resolve
  • “Shane has been incredible to work with. His professional knowledge, ear for creativity and attention to detail is inspiring and is absolutely reflected in our final product. I would recommend Grush Audio to any brand or musician that is driven to put their best product forward.”

    Justin Sprague - CIB Planning