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We create original music for advertising, film, TV, interactive design, and video games. We chase our passion in an environment that has the comforts of home, and the efficiency of big business. When you’re here, we don’t want you to watch the clock, or rush things along. Kick your feet up, get comfortable, and be creative.

Our approach within the studio focuses on improving and clarifying the client’s true voice, rather than imposing a signature sound onto their project. 


With every project Grush Audio is building a reputation for writing, producing, recording, and mixing quality audio for artists, agencies and brand content creators.

We’re able to do everything from creating custom music cues to film, furnishing sound design, VO records, and all things audio post. We also service major and indie label artists with album production, writing, editing, mixing and mastering services. Capable of handling any size project, you will find that your vision and your ideas will always be the priority.



Shane D. Grush is making a name for himself in the music industry as a producer (along with being an accomplished guitarist). He has produced artists such as Wilson (Razor & Tie), No Resolve, and has composed custom cues for national brand campaigns for Ford & Nike.

Shane began his music career in 2000 as guitarist/songwriter for the Davison, MI-based rock band Jettared. After gaining attention from more than 25 major and indie labels – and supporting the likes of Disturbed, Taproot, and Nonpoint – Jettared began landing film, TV and video game placements via Position Music.

At the time Jettared disbanded in 2006, Shane discovered his passion for recording and pursued higher education at Berklee College of Music. Recently, Shane has spent time studying under legendary mix engineers Dave Pensado and Andy Wallace.



  • “I’ve known Shane for many years. I trust Shane. We share something that most people I know don’t share. And that’s passion and drive for a great product that speaks to you eternally. Something that you deem timeless in your own life. Shane has a way of connecting to your inner cords and strumming your proverbial soul guitar in a way that lets your heart really sing in the studio. He is a master of effort and a gentleman of pride.”

    Chad Nicefield - Wilson
  • “Working with Shane was an eye opening experience. A producer that genuinely cares about the project, and shows you the path to becoming a better musician.”

    Oscar Peggarao - No Resolve
  • “Choosing the right recording studio is like choosing a tattoo artist. Once it’s recorded and released, it’s for life. Shane is a true professional and craftsman on all fronts. His ability to read each member of our band and make us feel comfortable allowed us to give our best performances. He helped me in exceeding my limitations and brought out the best in all of us as musicians and a band. He was able to capture what I feel is the closest thing to our live shows.  I couldn’t ask for more.”

    Chris Pennington ~ Sour Jane
  • “In working with Shane Grush to develop original music for a regional branding campaign, I found him extremely talented, accommodating and flexible.  Shane’s professionalism and attention to detail not only delivered a great music bed we could call our own, but his editing and production skills gave us four amazing :60 radio spots with which to market our community!  He was a pleasure to work with on all levels.”

    Sherry Tompkins ~ Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce