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The Work


Grush Audio is a boutique audio facility home to Producer/Songwriter Shane D. Grush.  What started as just a small, yet very personal love affair with writing and producing music; has now turned into analog/digital blended, fully operational, recording facility.  With meticulous due diligence on every project Grush Audio is building a reputation for writing, producing, and recording quality music for national touring acts, film, TV, advertising spots, and more.

Capable of handling any size project, you will find that your vision and your ideas will always be the priority.  Grush Audio tailors the needs of each project to our clients’ vision and has designed our space so you will be comfortable and relaxed while putting forth your very best inspired efforts.  Our approach within the studio focuses on improving and clarifying the artists’ true voice, rather than imposing a signature sound onto their project.


Co-writing is common practice in today’s industry. Many artists perform songs that are the product of collaborations with other composers. For example, Demi Lovato’slatest album, Tell Me You Love Me, has no fewer than 28 writers credited.


We’ve been fortunate to spend time learning from mixers like Dave Pensado, and Andy Wallace. Those moments combined with over 10 years of making records has defined our standards, and the quality of product we aim to deliver for our clients. We have helped artists create and refine their music so they improve their bottom line and we can do the same for you. If you think your composition can use a little something extra, contact us.