We're a boutique music house focused on quality.

You can often find us creating tracks that get stuck in your head. Not just the catchy ones; we're talking about the ones that don't exist in a royalty-free music catalog. Our team can deliver any genre under any circumstance.

Dolby Atmos

Have you heard of Dolby Atmos? It's pretty incredible. It's revolutionized how we create and experience entertainment by letting creators place sounds exactly where they want them for a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

Whether you're into gaming, watching movies or TV shows, or listening to music, Dolby Atmos can transport you into a new world of sound.

Audio Post

Audio post-production is the process of finalizing the audio paired with video. This phase of audio production incorporates editing dialogue, removing background noise, mixing audio between scenes, and elements such as sound design and foley.

Sound Design

Sound design helps to add life to movies, video games, and content. And whether it's the roar of a monster, the crowd's cheer, or even sonic branding, sound design plays a crucial role in creating a great experience.

Music Supervision

We pride ourselves on having great taste and ensuring the music fits the mood and the story just right. And with so many amazing songs out there to choose from, it's definitely an art to find just the perfect one for each scene.

TV + Film

Have you ever watched a movie and noticed how the music perfectly fits the mood of each scene? It's because the music has been carefully timed to start and stop at just the right moments which makes the scene even more emotional and impactful.


Mixing is all about finding the right balance between different sounds to create a cohesive and listenable experience. The mixing engineer adjusts each sound's levels, panning, frequencies, and depth to ensure they all work together in harmony.


Music production is the process of creating, capturing, and refining music so that it can be shared with the world. A music producer is like a coach, guiding the artist and helping them realize their musical vision. From tweaking the sound to adding special effects, the music producer plays a key role in bringing a song to life.