Shane’s been mixing for more than 8 years. He learned his craft from some of the industry’s best such as Dave Pensado, Andy Wallace, and Grant Mohrman. As a passionate musician and obsessive audiophile, Shane’s all about details. You may not hear what’s missing, but he does. The mixing process is hard and demanding. For Shane, it’s an enjoyable challenge. It’s all about creating that perfect mix.


Audio Post

Voiceovers, sound design, custom cues, and audio post – we do it all. You may have heard our work streaming on Netflix, in a film, during a podcast, or in a radio or television spot. Whether it’s crafting sound effects, atmospheres, sonic textures, or anything in between, we can help create the mood your creative team is looking for regardless of the size of your project.


Sometimes you need a little help to bust through a creative block or take a song in a different direction. That’s where Grush Audio comes in. While our focus is on rock, we work with artists in a variety of other genres, always with an emphasis on quality. Our goal is to help improve your bottom line.



Shane is uniquely qualified to produce your music. For starters, he has a degree from Berklee College of Music. He has the advantage of having one foot in the past and one foot in the present, having learned from talented old-school pros. Shane can not only run a commercial studio, he can get down with a laptop and make either path work. His focus is on creativity and quality. He quite literally will not release a product until he is 100% happy with it. To top it all off – he’s all about deadlines. He’s never missed one.